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About Us

We are a specialized international health care billing and recovery firm; we act as an extension of our clients’ billing offices when working with patients from around the world.

We bill international travel insurance companies on behalf of our clients and their patients who were visiting the United States when they required unexpected medical services.

For well over a decade, BDM has helped international tourists, business people, athletes, students and their families navigate through their US healthcare billing system.

Our Clients

Our clients are US Healthcare providers (hospitals, physicians, ambulances, etc.) who retain us to bill their international patients and assist them through the process.

Although we work with providers to manage their international billing process, an integral part of that work is assisting international patients understand their financial obligations for the care they received.

Why do US health providers use BDM’s international billing services?

Unlike many countries in the world, healthcare in the United States is primarily private; US medical bills are not automatically covered by your home country’s national health plan and many patients are expected to pay their own bills.

Frequently international patients purchase travel insurance that pays their medical bills on their behalf.

US providers use BDM to help their international patients navigate the complex process working with those commercial policies and getting payment to the US Healthcare provider.