Frequently Asked

Q: I recently received a bill for a hospital visit that I had 8 months ago. Why has it taken so long for me to get my bill?

A: BDM strives to bill international patients as soon as possible. Sometimes, there is a delay in the billing process because the account was not identified, at first, as an international account, which resulted in a delay in its assignment to us.

Q: I received a bill in the mail; I paid my bill when I was discharged. Why is there now an extra charge for me to pay?

A: When patients are discharged from hospital in the United States, they are sometimes provided with “estimate charges” that was based on the preliminary evaluation of the level of care that would be needed. The patient then pays the estimated bill.

After discharge, the medical records are reviewed to accurately establish the level of care actually provided and capture the associated cost. If the level of care provided is greater than that estimated, the patient is billed for the balance owing. The same would be true, if the level of care is below the estimate, a refund would be issued.

Q: The bill that I received is so high compared to the services that I received. In my country, the bill would have been a fraction of the cost. Why is that?

A: In the United States healthcare is private. This means that it is not subsidized by the government, which makes the cost higher for patients. Sensitive to the issue, many

healthcare providers have discounted rates for patients who do not have health insurance. These discounts are available also to international patients!

Q: Why did I receive multiple bills for the one hospital visit I had?

A: In the United States, providers bill separately for the service provided. For example, if you had an accident and came to the hospital by ambulance, although your ambulance pick up and medical care at the hospital may have been seamless, it was actually provided by three separate providers – the ambulance company, the physician group and the hospital itself. Therefore, each of them issues a separate bill!

Q: I am fully insured for my hospital visit. Why am I being approached for billing purposes?

A: If you are insured, we may contact you in order to guide you to file a claim with your insurance company. Many insurance companies do not process a claim until the insured actually files a claim with them.

If the insurance company has already processed the claim and paid the hospital, we may contact you for payment of the co-insurance portion or deductible part of the bill. This is determined by the terms of the insurance policy you purchased.

Please consult your insurance company to assist you in understanding the terms of your coverage. Typically, we provide you with an Explanation of Benefits from your insurer that will help explain the nature of the balance owing on the account.

Q: I want to email to you my credit card information on the form that you provided. Are you sure it is safe?

A: We take the security of your credit card information very seriously. We email sensitive information in a secure email method that allows you to attach your information in reply, also in a secure manner. This means, that this information cannot be forwarded to anyone else in error or otherwise.