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Locating <br />
Found Money

Found Money

We can identify international patient accounts in your current inventory and turn those bad debts into good gains. We have the global knowledge, experience and ability to do this for you!

Many hospitals have difficulty billing their international patients. Part of the challenge is by actually finding the patients internationally and locating their insurance companies. Do you simply write off those accounts?

Our experienced international billing staff are able to locate patients all over the globe to bill them for you and ascertain their insurance status!

Finding International Patients

We leverage our regional experience with a country’s address and telephone number formats, to complete often inaccurate demographic information received

  • We confirm and cross reference the information, and reach out to the patient directly!
  • We access various databases of unlisted phone numbers, Tax and Electoral Roll databases and enhanced search engines
  • We contact our extensive global network of private investigators to trace the patient’s current address and phone number. This service is included within our contingency fee.

Our global familiarity with demographic information enables us to achieve a high success rate in locating international patients

Expert <br />
Satellite Team

Satellite Team

With patients coming to the Emergency Room from different countries, speaking different languages and carrying international travel insurance policies… you really need a dedicated recovery expert to work those accounts for you!

By collaborating, we provide the experienced, comprehensive and hassle free resource that you need at no extra cost to you.

Client Dedicated Operations Manager

To ensure consistency and quality service, each client is designated an Operations Manager providing a direct and timely response to all requests, as well as proactive information regarding settlement offers and payment arrangements.

Despite the time zone difference, clients typically receive a response to an inquiry or request for a status update on a specific account in less than 24 hours.

We are accessible by a Canadian/US toll free number for telephone calls and faxes and respond by phone or email, depending on the preference of the client.
In addition, our US based Sales and Support Directors are happy to answer questions, provide guidance, schedule on-going training, or just come and meet face to face.

Patient Billing

Enhancing your patient focused billing service, BDM assigns each account to a dedicated billing agent who contacts the patient directly by telephone. This way we:

  • inform the patient of the balance on their account
    and provide the bill
  • guide them how to file a claim with their insurer, if necessary.

If we determine that they are uninsured, we will:

  • extend your provider pre designated international patient
    specific discount
  • guide them how to pay

Billing Travel Insurance

We handle all aspects of the travel insurance billing process of international patients worldwide. When the international patient is insured, we:

  • file claims on behalf of the provider
  • manage the claim process

If there is a balance owing after the payment, we will recover the balance from the patient.

Patient Asset Verification

We use private investigators located in the patient’s home country to investigate a patient’s financial resources and determine the ability to pay the bill.

Direct Provider Payment

We do not collect money to our own account and do not manage escrow accounts on a client’s behalf.

All payers, patients or insurance companies, are instructed to pay the providers directly. The client’s lock-box address and banking information are provided. We pass patient credit card information on to the client in a secure manner to be charged. At no point do we hold in our account money owed to the client.

Old Account Clean Up

When we start working with you, we conduct a review and “clean-up” of the existing inventory.   This is at no additional cost to you and regardless of whether or not the accounts were worked on by previous local agencies who simply are not equipped to successfully recover from overseas patients.

Dozens of<br />

Dozens of

By speaking dozens of languages, our multicultural staff will build trust with your patients and engage them in the billing process, in any time zone.

The majority of your international patients come from countries that have socialized healthcare systems and are baffled by their encounter with the US healthcare billing system.

To recover from them, you need someone who speaks their language(s), knows their culture and can work with them and their travel insurance to get the bills paid!

Communicating and Building Relationships

Our experience has shown, that communicating with the patient in his/her own language reduces concerns and apprehensions the patient may have with regards to the discovery of the outstanding balance.

Our account dedicated billing agents speak with the patient in their primary languages, are familiar with their culture and use their extensive familiarity with the complicated procedures required by the patient’s local healthcare system. The result is reduction in the patient’s potential anxiety level.

We work under the assumption that international patients are not delinquent payers, but simply uninformed about their debt.


Our highly skilled and professional agents will establish direct telephone contact with the patient.

Direct telephone communication with the patient in their language

  • bridges the information gap regarding US healthcare billing practices
  • elicits more comprehensive information on the patient’s financial and insurance status
  • gathers relevant information about the circumstances surrounding the patient’s visit to the emergency room, i.e.: a car accident, on the job accident or with ininernational exchange program, etc.
  • extends the provider’s self pay discount if the patient is completely uninsured
  • Allows for quick intervention which shortens the recovery process and is more pleasant for the patient

If telephone contact cannot be established, the first statement is mailed in the post.

Seamless & Efficient <br />

Seamless & Efficient

We aim to minimize the client’s need to utilize its IT resources. BDM uses a State-of-the-Art billing platform, interfacing with the leading health information systems used by the majority of US healthcare providers, enabling a seamless interface with client files.

This makes the implementation efficient and timely, requiring minimal use of your IT personnel.

One of our client-dedicated managers will make sure the implementation and relationship runs smoothly and efficiently.

Flexible Methods of Assignment

We accept accounts in anyway our clients feel comfortable sending them. This includes paper, (in conjunction with our DHL free shipping), electronic placement, and/or our read only access to client systems. We want to make placement the least burdensome possible for our clients.

Secure FTP Site

BDM offer its clients a secure FTP site to upload placement, transaction and reconciliation files, enabling its clients to transfer files in a secure and efficient fashion.


Ontario System

BDM utlizes Ontario Systems’ Artiva HC software, the industry’s leading receivables platform. Artiva HC enables BDM to:

  • Quickly map, process and upload placement files, in any format, sent by new and existing clients
  • Process large number of patient accounts, with efficacy and accuracy, while maintaining the highest levels of data security
  • Provide our clients with in-depth analytical reports.

Health Information Systems

The BDM team has extensive experience with many Health Information Systems (HIS) used by leading providers such as:

* Epic * Paragon * Star * HPF * Sorian * signature * i. Series * Keane Optimum * Meditech * X-claims * VIweb * Web Collect * CSS Impact *
E-Premise *

Confidentiality of Protected <br />
Health Information

Confidentiality of Protected
Health Information

We are fully HIPAA compliant and protect the privacy of all Protected Health Information that we receive or create in the course of working with a provider or patient.

All of our clients’ Personal Health Information is housed in modern state-of-the art HIPAA Compliant Data Centres in the US, offering unparalleled uptime and redundancy, ensuring that all data is available at a moment’s notice.

Privacy and Security

We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of all healthcare information. In order to ensure the integrity of Personal Health Information, all BDM staff members are fully-versed in HIPAA standards, privacy policies and confidentiality regulations. Furthermore, BDM applies


advanced technologies and physical safeguards to ensure the integrity of all our clients data.

Healthcare Regulation

Given our lengthy specialized experience servicing U.S. healthcare providers we understand the constantly evolving complexities of the U.S. Healthcare regulation. We provide ongoing regular training to all levels of our staff on related regulations and legislation, and our internal policies and procedures are adapted and updated accordingly.

On-Site <br />
Training & Support

Training & Support

To enhance our shared success, one of our US based sales and support executives will provide an on-site, free of charge training to your Patient-Access, Financial Counselor and Patient Financial Services team.

Training Sessions

Our Regional Sales and Directors are seasoned and effective trainers with expertise in this area. They will work with your team to schedule training to make sure that every employee who comes into contact with your international patients, their family members or the patients’ insurance, is fully trained.

Registration of Accounts

We will gladly share best practices used by some of our clients


to register international patients, which once adopted, will result in a significantly higher recovery rate!

Workflow Best Practices

We will share best practices and tested techniques from other providers to enhance your account work flow, flag international accounts and automate the assignment process to BDM.

This way you can dedicate your time and efforts to doing what you do best – recovering from local patients.

No Recovery,<br />
No Fee

No Recovery,
No Fee

Our success-based fee structure means that you only pay us based on the account recovered. We do not require a minimum number of accounts in order for us to recover on your behalf.

You only pay us once you have been paid! Therefore, engaging our service is risk free and safe!


Since 2002, we have a developed, consistent & proven track record of successful billing and recovering international accounts for many of the leading US healthcare providers.